Irina Maksimova

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Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Faculty of foreign languages



Primary Homeroom Teacher


我是Imaks, 我非常荣幸能成为а∨天堂网手机版在线国际学校的老师。每当我和学生交谈时,我感觉他们肯定会帮助我成为一个更好的人, 并在我的日常生活中激励我。除了教学, 我喜欢跑步, 如果我有机会尝试参加不同的比赛。还有很多其他的事情我喜欢做: 阅读纸质书籍, 创造服装, 志愿者, 吃巧克力和比萨饼, 探索新的地方, 旅行。我希望我们将有一个美妙的一年充满学习, 欢笑和乐趣。

My name is Imaks and I’m absolutely honored to be CIS teacher. When one teaches, two learn. This is what I feel whenever I talk to my students who definitely help me to become a better individual and inspire me in my daily life. Apart teaching I love running and if I have a chance try to participate in different races. There are also many other things I enjoy to do: read paper books, create costumes, volunteer, eat chocolate and pizza, explore new places, travel. I hope we will have a wonderful year full of learning, laughter and fun.