Marijana Knezevic

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Majoring in BA of Finances, Accounting and Banking in Belgrade Business School, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia



Primary Homeroom Teacher


我是Maya, 我来自欧洲的小国家, 叫做塞尔维亚。我已经教英语5年了, 我有机会教3岁到93岁的学生。我从来没有想过要成为一名教师, 但最后我做了, 这就是为什么我在这里希望教越来越多的学生。

当谈到我在生活中的兴趣, 我不得不说, 有很多。最近, 我开始跳水, 我真的很喜欢它。我喜欢去健身房, 看书, 听一些活泼的音乐和唱歌(虽然不是很好)。

我是一个精力充沛的老师, 正在努力从学生中获得最好的, 所以我希望在这里这将是同样的方式!

I am Maya and I am coming from small country in Europe, called, Serbia. I have been teaching English for more than 5 years and I had a chance to work with students from 3 to 93 years old. I never thought of becoming a teacher but at the end I did and that is why I am here hoping to teach more and more students.

When it comes to my interests in life I have to say that there are many. Recently, I started diving and I really liked it. I love going to the gym, reading a book, listening to some lively music and singing /not very good though.

I am an energetic teacher who is trying to get the best out of students, so I am hoping it will be the same way here!