Caslon Reed AustinKahle

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United States of America



Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, Bachelor of arts: Psychology



Primary Homeroom Teacher


我的名字叫 Caslon, 但大多数学生叫我Cas。我是美国旧金山的小学英语老师。在中国当一名英语老师的时候, 我喜欢教学生不仅是语言, 还有美国文化和风俗。我喜欢旅行, 唱歌, 演奏音乐, 画画, 和别人分享我的激情, 这反映在我的教学方法上。我相信在互动的课堂上, 活动和兴奋, 同时强调移情, 团队精神和批判性思维。我想激励学生创造和质疑, 使他们不仅可以享受理解, 而且利用他们在具体的方式学习的概念。

My name is Caslon, but most of my students call me Cas. I’m a primary English teacher from San Francisco, in the United States. During my time as an English teacher in China, I have loved teaching students not only about the language, but American culture and customs as well. I love to travel, sing, play music, paint and share my passions with others, which is reflected in my approach to teaching. I believe in an interactive classroom brewing with activity and excitement, while emphasizing empathy, teamwork and critical thinking. I want to inspire students to create and question so that they can enjoy not only understanding, but utilizing the concepts they learn in a concrete way.