Wendy Wong

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United States of America



B.A in Broadcast Communications, emphasis on Writing & Production in San Francisco State University


Primary Homeroom Teacher


大家好!我是来自美国旧金山的小学老师。我和美国青少年青年一起工作的时间, 激发了我在中国教书的早期热情。我以前在杭州教过英语和美术课程, 我很高兴能把我的经验带到а∨天堂网手机版在线国际学校。我专注于培养学生的批判性思维技巧, 并与现有的课程建立真正的世界联系。作为一名教师, 我希望提供尽可能多的机会, 让学生公开参与课堂, 参与创作过程。

Hello everyone! I am a primary teacher from San Francisco, United States. My time working with adolescent youth in the United States sparked an early passion for teaching that led me to teach in China. I previously taught English and Art subjects in Hangzhou and I am excited to bring my experience to CIS. I focus on developing students’ critical thinking skills and building real world connections with the curriculum at hand. As a teacher here I hope to provide as many opportunities for students to openly participate in the classroom and engage with the process of creation.